Who are we ?

Play As One Scotland (or pa1s as we’re more commonly known), believe that all children have the right to play together – no matter their ability.
Our aim is to “Make play inclusive for ALL!”, through funding and supporting inclusive play and sports projects throughout Scotland. Pa1s believe in all children and young people having equal access to – and equal participation in – local play and leisure opportunities. This can be anything from arts & crafts workshops, disabled sports or putting inclusive play equipment and sensory paths in to existing play parks. Really, anything where disabled and non-disabled kids can play together.


Our inspiration for this…

Whilst out walking in The Glen on a Sunday morning, we came across a family happily playing away at the park (nothing unusual about this), until looking over we saw a child in a wheelchair sitting at the side of the park on their own, whilst their siblings were happily playing on the equipment with their parents. Now, you can say that there are worse things in life, but this was heartbreaking to see. Every child has the right to play, this doesn’t change, just because someone has a disability. It’s not acceptable that local authorities deem having paths in their parks, as them being accessible. Without having specialized play equipment to play on, these paths would be as well not being there at all.
In order to change this a group of us got together and decided, we can “Make a Difference”. So, in turn set up Play As One Scotland as a charity. We are a completely self- funded, voluntary group, and rely on people like you to fundraise, donate and volunteer on our behalf.

Making play inclusive for all

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